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The original colorbar:

Marriage is love.

This is a community dedicated to finding all sorts of colorbars. Colorbars can be about anything, from religion or politics to hot actors or actresses.

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Our sister community is colorbar_req.
Based on GreatestJournal? Check out GreatestJournal's Colorbar_crazy!


1. Be polite. Please and thank you are the magic words. No flaming. If you don't like the subject of someone's colorbar, don't bash them. Appreciate it for the work the person spent on it, and respect that person for what they believe. If you feel you are being personally attacked by someone, please contact a mod. There is also no trolling allowed.

2. On topic posts only. It's not required to have a colorbar in the post, but please be talking about them. Non-colorbar related community pimpage isn't allowed, thank you very much. Such promotion will result in banning. Colorbar-related adverts are limited to two per journal. If you post an advertisment for another colorbar community in colorbar_crazy, you must advertise colorbar_crazy in the community you are promoting and provide a link to the promotion. If you promote them to us, you also must promote us to them. Simply linking to an entry in another community or journal is not considered promotion.

3. LiveJournal cuts are required for every colorbar posted. It may sound silly, but putting bars behind lj-cuts saves bandwidth use and keeps friends-lists from being too crowded.

4. General questions about colorbar posting/making are usually answered in either the memories of this community or LiveJournal's FAQs. While there are no "stupid questions," asking for help with hosting pictures or posting a code is rather lazy, as the answers to said questions are so readily accessible.

5. There is no requesting colorbars in this community. All requests must be posted at colorbar_req, or in a similar community. A request is when someone specifically asks for a colorbar to be made. However, posts just asking if a certain colorbar exists are ok.
6. Feel free to create posts that say "I'm willing to take five requests, right now," or what have you. It is encouraged!


(Please contact justaredherring if you'd also like to link your colorbar community or colorbar journal to us.)</center>


New banners are always welcome! Advertising this community is great, but don't post a banner or link in a community that doesn't allow it.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact justaredherring.